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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

To be, (or not) to be

See that lamp? What lamp?
That lamp, over there. Over where?
Over there, right in front of you! I don't see any lamp.
How could you not see the lamp? What lamp? There is no lamp to see.
Yes there is, it's right over there. Well, I don't see anything.
Don't tell me you can't see the lamp. Okay, I won't tell you.
You really can't see it? No, there is nothing to see.
Seriously? I could not be more serious.
Maybe you should check your eyes. If they are bad, how can I check them?
Maybe you should get your eyes checked. Checked by whom?
Never mind. Okay.
Don't tell me you can't see it! I won't tell you, don't worry.
Okay, look where my finger is pointing. I am looking there.
See the lamp. No.
Go closer. Okay.
Can you see it now? No.
Ugh, you're impossible. If you say so.
Reach your hand out. Okay.
There, you're touching the lamp! I am?
Yes, yes you are! If you say so.
You don't feel the lamp? What lamp? There is no lamp to feel.
Look, it's rocking back and forth! What is?
The lamp! What lamp?
That lamp! Which lamp?
That lamp over there! There is no lamp over there.
Yes there is! No there isn't.
Yes there is! There isn't for me.
What? There isn't for me.
What do you mean, there isn't for you? I meant what I said, and I said what I meant, there isn't for me.
There either is or there isn't, there is no "for me." If you say so.
What are you talking about? There is a lamp for you, not for me.
No, no, no, there either is or there isn't a lamp, it's not relative. If you say so.
Okay, is there a lamp? What lamp?
Oh Lord. What?
Never mind, never mind. Okay.
We have to decide, is there a lamp or isn't there a lamp. If you say so.
To me, that lamp exists. For me, there is no lamp.
No, no, no, it's to me, not for me. If you say so.
To me that lamp exists. If you say so.
Does that lamp exist to you? What lamp?
THE LAMP THAT EXISTS FOR ME! To me, does it exist?
Yes, yes, yes! Well, to me, there is no question of whether or not it exists.
What do you mean? To me, there is no lamp, existent or non-existent.
What? That lamp, there is no lamp for me.
Excuse me? You heard me. The lamp in question... well, there is none, at least for me.
Just say, does it exist or not. Does what exist or not?
THE LAMP! What lamp?
THE LAMP WE'VE BEEN TALKING ABOUT! You've been talking about some lamp. For me, there is no lamp, existent or otherwise.
One of us is right, right? Not necessarily.
What do you mean, not necessarily, one of us has to be right! Not necessarily.
One of us is right, one of us is wrong. There is a lamp or there isn't, right? Not at all.
What do you mean? Absolute reality. There is no absolute reality.
No, no, relative reality is stupid, it can't exist. For you, it can't. For me, it can.
Argh! Stop twisting everything I say around! Okay.
One of us is right, one is wrong. One of us is insane, one is not. Right? Not at all.
We can't both be right. The lamp can't exist and not exist. For me, there is no lamp in question, so your whole question becomes moot.
Stop splitting hairs here. Black and white, right and wrong. It has to be one. What is black? Is black different for you than it is for me? How can we ever tell?
Stop it. Black is black. White is white. For you.
No, that's basic mathematics. Einstein says time and space are relative. If they are, can't everything be?
No. Why not?
Because. Because why?
Just because. For you.
Agh! Please, stop! If you say so.
Yes, I do say so! I can see that.
Good! Can you hear yourself?
What? Can you hear yourself speaking?
Yes, of course I can! How do I know?
Shouldn't the question be how do I know? Nope, how do I know?
Why does that matter? Because, I can't be sure of your perceptions, can I?
Well, no... So we can perceive the same color differently and we would never know, right?
I suppose... So you can perceive a lamp and for me there is no lamp to perceive, correct?
I guess... So I could stop perceiving anything you were saying, and you'd never know, right?
In theory... Good. Because I don't perceive a lamp, and neither do I perceive you.
That's crazy! Nope, the moment I stop perceiving you, you don't exist for me, so for all intensive purposes, you don't exist. If you don't exist for me, there's no way I can detect your very existence. In fact, it won't even be a question of existence or non-existence. You'll simply cease to be, like that lamp.
What? No! Yes, the moment I stop perceiving you, you don't exist.
No, wait! Bye!
<> He doesn't exist.
<> Who doesn't exist?
<> Wait, what?
<> Never mind.
<> By that token, nothing exists, and nothing ever has existed.
<> <>

Friday, October 22, 2010


Humans are a gift from the gods. Humans are a plague upon this planet.
No species of animal has such strong love for each other. No species of animal has such strong hatred for each other.
Man exhibits care and generosity. Man exhibits selfishness and greed.
Man's help for the animals is not appreciated by them, but he does it anyway. The animals never asked for help.
But they need it. Because of the damage we have already done.
We work to save the Earth. Save it from ourselves.
God loves all humans. God is disappointed by all humans.
God sent us his only Son. God sent a flood.
He showers us in gifts daily. He smites us with natural disasters and disease hourly.
He chose to save Noah and his wife. They represented the rare kind-hearted human.
He smite all of his creation, the animals and the Earth. He could not smite humans by themselves, so they caused the downfall of the planet.
God did not totally eradicate humans, he left some alive. He only left two alive, and left all animals alive.
He only left two of each animal, just as with the humans. Two isn't enough to begin a population anew.
He left a male and female so the world could begin once more. What about Sodom and Gomorrah?
Those humans were wicked and were smitten. Those humans had sexual desires.
Such desires were wicked, therefore they were killed. Such desires were human nature, therefore human nature is wicked.
No, God put humans on this world for a reason. And tried to take them off for a completely different reason.
Humans are the helpers of the Earth. Humans are the destroyers of the Earth.
They bring peace and joy. They bring hatred and fear.
Our skyscrapers tower up, and we make things this world has never seen before and Nature could never craft. Our factories pollute the air, and we make things this world has never seen before and Nature would never want to craft.
By nature, humans are good, and should be praised. By definition, humans are evil and should be punished.
Do not generalize all humans as wicked. Do not glorify all humans as good.
Humans come from evolution, which is a natural process, therefore come from Nature. But we are destroying Nature and going against it, therefore humans are no longer part of Nature.
The day Humanity is rewarded. The day Humanity dies.
Will be a great day. Will be a great day.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


The religious man is a fool. The atheist is a pessimist.
You have no reason. You have no faith.
You lack common sense. You lack imagination.
I use Science. I use belief.
There never was a god, is no god, and there never will be. There was always a god, is a god, and always will be.
Nature. Creator.
What in the Universe proves there is a God? The existence of the Universe.
Evolution began it all. What began evolution?
Life began evolution. What began life?
The Big Bang began life. What began the Big Bang?
Energy began the Big Bang. What began energy?
Energy is always there, it cannot be destroyed. Energy was not always there, it had to be created.
Time has an end, but no beginning. Time has a beginning, but no end.
First was the Big Bang. First was God.
Cosmos. Genesis.
Apocalypse. Judgment Day.
Consciousness. Soul.
Death. Heaven.
The Universe is random, governed only by nature. The Universe is like clockwork, governed only by God.
How can there be a God? How can there not be a God?
There is evil. But there is good.
There is famine. But there is surplus.
There is death. But there is life.
The Universe came from the Void. The Universe came from God.
There could not be God, there was the Void. There could not be a Void, there was God.
He is nowhere. He is omnipresent.
There is no God on Earth. God is amongst us.
There is no God in the cosmos. God begot the cosmos.
There will be an End. God will see us through the End.
Many do not believe. They have not seen the light.
Then I'd rather remain blind. Its brilliance will overpower you.
I do not wish to be overpowered. You will go to Hell.
I will go nowhere. Nowhere you wish to be.
No fantasy land of flames will engulf me. The Lord our God will smite thee.
Then let me be smitten. You shall be smitten.
The only love is human. The strongest love is of God.
God was born of men's minds, a ruse to invest the power in a greedy few we call "the Church." Men and their minds were born of God, and he is the ultimate power and controls the Church.
Where is he when the guilty go free? He is with the innocent who suffer.
Where is he when thieves plunder and rob? He is with those who have been robbed.
Where is he to smite those who murder and kill? He is with the families of the dead.
Where is he when children cry? He is at their sides.
How can you continue to believe such lunacy? How can you continue not to?

Sunday, September 19, 2010


Sometimes... sometimes there is no happy ending. Sometimes the monsters are real, and no one can stop them. Sometimes justice isn't served. Sometimes bad things happen, and no one ever knows. Sometimes you are telling the truth and no one listens. Sometimes no one can hear your screams. Sometimes you can't stop the walls from closing in around you. Sometimes your happy ending never comes, your Prince Charming is 55 years late. Sometimes you don't find that miracle cure. Sometimes they come for you in the night and no one ever finds out. Sometimes those freak accidents do happen, and they happen to you. Sometimes there is no greater progress. Sometimes your world comes down around you. Sometimes everything good comes crashing down. Sometimes... sometimes you're an optimist.